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Repair Service Mumbai helps you save both time and money by offering doorstep services for you! Now you can get your laptop, phone, printer, Mac book, desktop and primer repaired anywhere in Mumbai that also while enjoying the comforts of your home. We also provide guarantee and warranty services to our esteemed customers. With an experience of more than 5 year in this field, we are a pro when it comes to fixing laptops and other devices. We provide expert advice and care to your laptop.

We deal with all sorts of laptop/desktop/phone issues including hardware and software. We offer quick fix solution after immediate diagnosis of the problems. Our technicians are well qualified to handle all your repair issues with branded and original parts replacement. We follow a No fix No fee policy. We won’t charge you a single penny if you are not satisfied with our services. We guarantee that you will find your device in a better working condition than before. You will be surprised to know that we provide free after repair services and three months warranty with it. We also perform ‘on the site’ repair for screen replacement for our first time customers at an affordable price!!

We strive to secure customer satisfaction at minimal price!! We provide various services like Battery Repair, Audio Jack Repair, Lan Card Repair, USB Port Repair, Screen Replacement, Hard Disk Replacement, Trackpad, RAM, Motherboard, Power Supply and Laptop Adapter or charger. We believe in offering instant repair which makes us the most sought after repair services in Mumbai. We also provide same day services depending upon the issue of your device. For minor issues we may take a few hours and for major issues it may take a day or two. We keep our customers notified and maintain complete honesty and transparency with them!

Our charges are minimal and purely based on the nature of the service. We ensure that our customers are getting the best possible solution and value for time.

We are not just confined to Mumbai but also we have our branches in many other parts of India as well. We provide our services in Navi Mumbai, Mumbai, Delhi, New Delhi, Ghaziabad, Faridabad, Noida, Greater Noida, Delhi border, Badarpur, Gurgaon, Gurugram, Chandigarh, Zirakpur, Mohali, Panchkula, Baddi, Tri-city, Pinjore, Kalka and Ludhiana.

So, just give us a miss call at +918968000118 And our trusted employee will be at your doorstep to collect your device, get it fixed, and will drop back at your doorstep within no time of its repair. You can also write to us at We are available around the clock to assist you!

All about Laptop repair

According to a recent survey conducted, it was found that laptops were the most popular computing device in the world after phones due to its portable nature. The last decade has also shown an increase in the sale and purchase of laptops. Currently it is one of the most popular and easy to use devices across the globe. Be it making a presentation, attending online classes, sending mails, playing games or just watching a movie, laptops have indeed made our lives easier!

A laptop also known as a mini computer, functions similar to a PC or a desktop. It consists of various components like Display screen, keyboard, base panel, top panel, cooling fan, RAM, Hard Disk, palm rest, touchpad, battery, hinges, speaker, optical device etc.

The first thing we notice in a laptop is its Display Panel. There are different display screens available depending upon the various brands available. The screen can be both touch screen and non touch screen. Touch screens are more popular as they allow the users to choose from menu by just clicking on it with fingers.  The Keyboard is the most important component of a laptop. Its function is to give commands to the laptop. The keyboards can be of different types and sizes. The most common types of keyboards are QWERTY, AZERTY QWERTZ and HCESAR.  Apart from alphabets and numeric values, keyboard includes function keys, special purpose keys and keys involving the movement of the cursor.

Next in line are the base panel and top panel. The work of the base panel is to provide installation place for laptop parts including Motherboard, RAM etc, whereas the work of the top panel is to provide support for the laptop screen. Random Access Memory or RAM is a type of memory whose job is to store data and programs. It is a temporary memory and stores the files that are in use while the computer is running. It is basically used while launching an app on Smartphone, software on a laptop. Anything written in word or any file is saved in the RAM. All the application installed on our laptop also gets stored first in RAM only.

Hard Disk is one of the most important components of a laptop or PC. Its main function is to store data. Different types of hard disks include SDD and HDD. In simpler terms, Hard disks are like a big pen drive for the laptop or computer or the internal storage of the computer. It is the long term storage for your laptop. It is that storage which does not lose its data when the power is shut off, unlike the system memory (RAM).It is a kind of permanent storage for your work and can’t be erased easily. The common types of hard disks include IDE (or PATA) hard drive or SATA hard drive.

The work of a battery is to provide power back up in order to operate a laptop. Lithium ion is the most common type of battery used in laptops.

Some common issues of laptops:

Regardless how careful you are with your laptop or how gently you use it, every laptop faces some problem or the other in the long run. Majority of the laptop issues need a repair solution. Delaying and providing no solution will aggravate its condition and will make it prone to repairs.


Overheating is one of the most common issues in a laptop.  All computers generate heat but laptops are prone to overheating due to their small size and lack of ventilation. Due to excessive dust, the air vents gets clogged and deprive the laptop from getting cool. The fan plays an important part in keeping the laptop cool. Overheating may lead to other issues like slowing down in a laptop, unexpected shutdowns, freezing issues and crashing of the system. If overheating persists then it may require a quick fix solution.

Battery drainage

Battery getting drained too quickly is another most common problem faced by a laptop. After a prolonged use of laptops, the batteries lose their ability to hold a charge and as a result die quickly. In most of the cases battery replacement becomes mandatory.

Keyboard worn out

Keyboards tend to get bad after a certain time in laptops. They also get bad and need repair if you accidently spill water or any hot drink on it. The common issue with keyboard is that the keys become affected and dislodged. The worn our keys and the keyboard can be easily replaced.

Computer Won’t Turn On/ Crashing of system

A computer not turning on can be because of many reasons. One of the most common reasons for not turning on in a laptop is as simple as loose cord or as serious as faulty power supply. Most people panic when they are not able to turn on a computer.
Another common issue with laptops/ desktops is that the device may power up but is unable to boot or just show a black screen. The reasons for a blank or a black screen include dead hard drive and a corrupted boot sector.

Laptop Lockups and Freezes

The ‘Blue Screen of Death’ is the most irritating and frustrating issues faced by laptop users. The screen keeps on displaying an error message and sometimes does not respond as well. It can be due to several of reasons such as software issues, lack of system memory etc. It also takes place when the Hard drive gets corrupted or the RAM fails. In such cases it requires an immediate repair.

Laptop Gets Slow

This usually happens due to the accumulation of a large amount of junk files in the laptop. Whenever any application is uninstalled or removed from the computer, its leftover files may continue to occupy some space in the hard drive. The leftover data are useless for the laptop and leads to the slowing of the laptop.

Virus or Malware

A virus or a malware has a crippling effect on your laptop. It affects the performance of your laptop. They cause slowing of the laptop, not responding and other issues. They can even corrupt various files and some data in the laptop.

Strange Noise

Strange noises in laptops are annoying, especially if you are spending multiple hours working on your laptop. The most probable cause for a continuous noise in a computer is the fan. If noises still persist then it may need a quick repair!

Get desktop repair in Mumbai or laptop repair at home Mumbai

With the digitalization of most of the sectors in India, laptops and desktop [ps have become a necessity for all. Most of the areas and fields re digitalized and have seen a revolution since the last decade.  Now, from colleges to corporate sector most assignments, tasks, reports etc are sent through online with the use of internet. Laptops, smart phones and Desktops have become a part and parcel of everyone’s life.

Your guide to Laptop repair in Mumbai

So, a broken laptop can be the cause of worry especially when your work suffers because of it! If you are facing a similar situation and don’t want to go through the pains of travelling and finding a particular service centre then we are just for you!! is a one stop solution for all your repairing problems. We understand how difficult it is for you to take out time from your hectic schedule, travel long distances to get your laptop repaired.